Company Name China Telecom
Location Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Herndon Virginia - USA

China Telecommunications Corporation (ChinaTelecom) is an extra-large State-owned telecomoperator in China, Global Partner of World Expo 2010 Shanghai and Guangzhou Asia Games, andwas selected into the Top 500 Global Companies for many consecutive years. China Telecom mainly provides the integrated information services including the fixed-line telephone, mobile service,Internet access and applications services.


China Telecom has subsidiary companies in 31 provinces (municipals and autonomous regions) and branches in the Americas, Europe, Hong Kong and Marco, and its  communications and information network covering the urban and rural areas of the whole country and reaching every corner of the world. China Telecom built the world biggest CDMA 3G network, with its earliest commercial services in China, having many branded products such as “Tianyi”, “My e Home”, “BizNavigator”, “Best Tone”, being capable of providing all telecom services and multiple convergent services and sales channels. China Telecom has two holding companies, “China Telecom Corporation Limited” and “China Communications Services Corporation Limited”. Both of them were listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchanges, New York Stock Exchanges in 2002 and in Hong Kong Stock Exchanges in 2006 respectively.


Since the year of 2004 when China Telecom made the strategic decision for transformation from the traditional basic telecom operator to a modern integrated information services provider, China Telecom is developing in a steady and healthy manner by promoting the integrated information services and other non-voice service, and by intensifying the precise management and optimal resource allocations. Especially after the telecom system restructure in 2008, and obtaining the mobile business operation license and 3G service operation license in 2009, China Telecom realized the good beginning of all-service development and successfully entered into the mobile market by implementing the creative and differential development strategies of focusing on the customers’ informatization.


As the main force of the informatization construction in the country, China Telecom focuses on the R&D and promotes the informatization applications to provide the brand new multiple services, multiple network and multiple terminals and the extension of the value chain in order to bring the benefits of the informatization to all the cycles of the industry and the public as well. China Telecom provided specific informatization solutions to more than 20 industries and a large number of the enterprises.


China Telecom established the application & promotion centre and the key laboratory for the Internet of Things in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. China Telecom conscientiously fulfilled its obligation for the universal service in serving the “New Three Fs Policy” (meaning concerns for the village, peasants, agriculture), continuing the projects of the “telephone installation in every village” and the model projects of the informatization in all villages and townships. China Telecom has provided the public with the integrated information services related with food, clothing, housing, transport, and daily necessities, etc., and made proper contributions in providing the information life to the public by driving up the convergence of the informatization and industrialization, and the rural informatization construction.


On the new road ahead, China Telecom will grasp the 3G development, mobile Internet and the Internet of Things, and further study and implement the Scientific Outlook on the Development, deepen the creative and differential development strategies of focusing on the customers’ informatization, insist on the corporate transformation and movement to the new development mode, make structure adjustments, intensify the precise management in order to create a new situation in the efficient development on a large scale and break through in the informatization services and make more and more contributions to the national economic development and social  informatization construction.

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Name Noboru Kinoshita
Position Manager Level