Company Name Spectrum Consulting Japan
Location Tokyo

INDUSTRY – HR Consulting
What do we do?
—  We help companies and organizations in Japan identify and retain good people.
—  We provide consulting and assessment solutions to help companies identify the right person to hire, train and evaluate staff and improve employee performance.
How do we do it?
—  We focus on customizing the needs of our clients and building solutions around them.
—  We combine our HR consulting experience and offer a range of assessment tools to identify talent in an organization, screen new hires and improve employee performance to match the company’s goals.
How much will it cost?
—  We can put together a competitive estimation for our clients that can accommodate any budget and provide cost-effective solutions.
Why Spectrum?
—  We have experience working with a wide range of industries, people and issues related to talent management such as hiring, assessing, retaining, coaching and development.
—  We understand what makes a person want to work for an organization and what makes a person want to leave an organization.
—  We understand how to balance human needs and employee performance with an organization’s strategic mission and goals.
—  We provide customized solutions and straight advice on how to deal with talent management issues.
What’s next?
·         Contact us to set up a meeting and test out some of our solutions.
Tel:  03-5979-2464