Are You Utilizing HR Mangement to its Full Potential?

Do you ever wonder what your HR Management actually does to help your company?

Beyond keeping the employees happy with such things as payroll, benefits, and time off what else do they do to help your business expand and grow? And are they doing everything they could be?
Read the full article to find out how you can make sure you are getting the full benefits of your HR Management.

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Pay Yourself Enough?


Are you paying yourself enough? Andy Meadows, founder and CEO of custom software company Live Oak found that by paying himself more he actually found himself to be more aware of how his business was doing.

“Raising my salary to a market level forced me to look at my company from an investor’s perspective,” Meadows says. “It helped me better understand the value of my own time.”


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Location Based Marketing (LBM)

You have heard of SEO, SNS and SMM, but what about LBM?

There is now another way to use mobile technology and Social Networking to market your product and/or services. Location Based Marketing (LBM) in its entirety is actually made up of four separate components; Location-based services, Near-field communications, Bluetooth Marketing, and Location-based Advertising. When these four components of LBM are used correctly, many companies have found improvements in customer loyalty, experience, buzz, repeat sales, brand loyalty, and drive.

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Entrepreneurs Roundtable – “Risk Aversion During Crisis”

We have an exciting announcement!

The place, time and theme for our next event has been officially set. We will be doing our Entrepreneurs Roundtable at Celi in Ebisu on Thursday, May 24th. The theme will be “Risk Aversion During Crisis”. We plan to focus mainly on the Lehman Shock and the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami to use as examples for how businesses in Tokyo stayed in business and what they are doing now to avert risk for future crisis`s.

Cafe Celi is a new style French Cafe/Restaurant inspired by and produced on behalf of Madam Celine. The atmosphere is warm and friendly giving one the feeling of homely comfort, with hints of leather designs dating back to the classic masterpieces crafted by Madam Celine while yet modern enough to provide a space for creative expression and making use of Eco friendly materials. The interior highlights a touch of fashion quality making one feel stylish and yet not overly extravagant, therefore easy enough for anybody to drop in for a quick and delicious meal without having to be formal.

The event will be held from 4:00pm to 6:00pm, during this time you will be able to help yourself to the food that is out and any non-alcoholic beverage. The menu is shown below.
Cafe Celi Drink Menu
We hope to see you there, we plan for this to be an informative and enjoyable experience for all attending.

Website Updated



We have just had our website upgraded and are excited to use the new utilities and tools! It will now be a much easier and smoother experience to RSVP, reserve tickets, and look up information about the opportunities Tokyo Executives provides.

We would like to thank Robotag Inc. for their services in making our website improvements, and the personal instruction given to help us make the most of the new tools.

We are currently planning our Entrepreneurs Roundtable event, which will be held at Celi in Ebisu on May 24, 2012. The theme of our event will be, “Averting Risk during Crisis”. This is an informational event where professionals will speak about their experiences during such crisis’s the 3/11 earthquake and Lehman Shock, and share what they did to recover, and what they do now in order to protect themselves from future risk.