Tips 1-3: What is SEO? An introduction

1. What is SEO, and how Search Engines work
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines do not automatically recognize that your site. They must “index” your site first, which involves finding it and recording it in their archive. SEO techniques are aimed at letting search engines “know” your website is out there and what your site is “about”.

When someone uses a search engine, they enter a “keyword phrase”. The search engine then uses a complex algorithm to query their archive for webpages with this keyword phrase. The search engine presents these webpages on the “Search Engine Results Page” (SERP).
SEO is the process of creating your site so that the search engines can index it properly, and making your web site come up as high as possible on the SERPs for the keyword phrases you are targeting.
PLEASE NOTE: Google is still the primary search engine for most people – by far the largest and most efficient one as well. These articles use “Google” synonymously with “search engine”. The SEO techniques here will improve your site presence in Google and all other search engines.
2. HTML: Get to know it!
The most important concept to understand in SEO is to understand how Hyper-Text Markup Language ( works. HTML tags are the building blocks of your website. Web browsers use your site’s HTML to create the visual “web page” that you see when you access your website through the web browser.
IMPORTANT: For your website to be optimized for the search engines, your website content must use the appropriate HTML tags.
3. Learn how to view the source code of your website!
In order to know if the HTML of your website is optimized for the search engine you must know how to examine your web pages. The easiest way to do this is to “View Source”. This is a function built into all web browsers that lets you look at the raw HTML source code of any web page.
To view source in Google Chrome, right click on any page and select “view page source.”
For how to view source code in Internet Explorer 9 click here
For how to view source code in Firefox click here

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