Finding IT Staff With Confidence

If you are running a business right now you are probably in need, or soon to be in need of some IT assistance. Whether it be software engineering, data management, administration, or security needs you will have to do some hunting to find the right IT Staff.

If you have the time, money and energy, one of the best ways to find such IT Staff as programmers, coders, or software engineers is to host a Hackathon. In order to host a hackathon, arrange a big party full of junk food, pizza, and heavily caffeinated beverages, then make sure your wifi and LAN networks are working. Now send out the invites and promote it through Social Networking Sites and pages. Make sure you announce what the goal of the Hackathon is, some can be targeted development while others are less focused. For more tips on how to put on a Hackathon click here

3 things to watch out for when hiring new IT Staff :

1. Bad Business Sense – Techies with a lot of in-depth knowledge sometimes lack the critical thinking/research skills necessary to make good choices and investments. As we all know, investing in the wrong technology or buying from the wrong vendor can cause significant losses in terms of money and opportunity.

2. Poor Social Skills
– IT people without soft skills can alienate their colleagues, souring them on everything to do with technology. Or they may get along with colleagues on a day-to-day basis, but lack the ability to communicate new ideas and build consensus around them.

3. No End User Sympathy
– Some tech geniuses out there don’t understand that the rest of us have limitations. These folks sometimes want to invest in complicated, powerful technology that their colleagues won’t understand. Or they’ll customize a piece of software to the point that no one else in the organization can use it or maintain it.

If you are hiring in Tokyo, it may be best to use a Recruiting Service to do this work for you. As long as your willing to pay a minimal fee, you can have someone else sift through all the applicants and find you somebody that is both a techy, but can also be a good fit for your office. Such companies as Vision Consulting provide this service for IT Staff in Tokyo.
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Prevent Burnout and Improve Focus

Happy and energetic employees are the key to business growth, and when they get tired or frustrated it will show up in the numbers.

Marissa Mayer used to work 120+ hours per week when she started working at Google. This would usually lead to ill health and an unstable mind. However Marissa Mayer found that by keeping close attention to feelings of resentment, finding a rhythm, and granting one-must freedoms she could keep herself motivated, focused, and replenish her energy.

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If you find yourself or your employees resenting your job or responsibilities, a new study from the Information School at the University of Washington has shown that meditation can improve both focus, attention span, and lowers stress significantly in the workplace. For details on the results and findings of this study click here

Of course praising your employees is always good too, below are some good suggestions.

A Secret to Healthy Eating for Business Travelers

When traveling on business it is always very tempting to grab pastries, candy bars or other unhealthy choices from the fast food stands while in your rush to make sure you don`t miss your flight, train, or shuttle.

Dr. Cory Annis suggests that if you Set a Fun Active Goal and Rehearse Your Response, you can keep healthy even during your most lavish of business lunches and dinners.

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3 Steps To Improving Client Relations

Having clients who are demanding and yet irresponsible can be taxing not only on the books but also on the mental health of the people working for them.

Here are 3 steps to improve your clients and the relationships you build with them.
1. Weed Out the Bad Ones At The Start. Raise your prices, or eliminate services that your company can spare not to provide. This will send many potentially bad clients running for the hills. Also prioritize your best clients, chances are your best clients will give you references that turn out to be good clients as well.
2. When Things Go Wrong Be Personal. Call the client when something is wrong, even if the client does not know it can still be better to keep them informed, they will at least appreciate your transparency.
3. Make the Value of the Relationship Clear When Things Go Wrong. Of course you need to offer solutions and ideas to further provide for your client, but also remember that if the client sees the value in the relationship, even though they are paying money and so their expectations are raised, they are less likely to end the relationship.
Sources :

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July 26th Event Speakers

On Thursday, July 26th at Balcony Restaurant and Bar in Roppongi Tokyo Executives will be hosting a Networking Event on, “Successful Presentations”

Speaker and President of Arigato Communications, Mike DeJong and President, Chief Communicator at Empowr Co Ltd, Robert Burnside will be giving speaking on how to give successful presentations.

This event will be of interest to anyone looking to become a more confident and effective speaker.

Mike DeJong

As a Canadian consultant based in Tokyo, Mike has spoken to the American Chamber of Commerce Japan (twice!), the Australia-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Japan, the Japan Human Resources Society, Foreign Executive Women and Eye for Pharma Japan.

Mike also lectures on oral communications and journalism for the University of Maryland University College Asia. Mike currently edits one of the top English business magazines in Japan and has more than 25 years experience in broadcast journalism.

Mike specializes in presentation coaching and media training. He has worked with dozens of executives, lawyers, politicians, managers and staff in Asia and North America.

Robert Burnside

Robert Burnside is an executive coach in leadership and communication.  He possesses over 10,000 hours of coaching in four different languages, has had many clients in fortune 500 companies, and has presented at many chambers of commerce

He is a seasoned international business practitioner and a thought leader; also a visiting professor at a graduate school. His own concepts and methods have come from a combination of experience, observation and creativity, aided by extensive study.