3 Steps To Improving Client Relations

Having clients who are demanding and yet irresponsible can be taxing not only on the books but also on the mental health of the people working for them.

Here are 3 steps to improve your clients and the relationships you build with them.
1. Weed Out the Bad Ones At The Start. Raise your prices, or eliminate services that your company can spare not to provide. This will send many potentially bad clients running for the hills. Also prioritize your best clients, chances are your best clients will give you references that turn out to be good clients as well.
2. When Things Go Wrong Be Personal. Call the client when something is wrong, even if the client does not know it can still be better to keep them informed, they will at least appreciate your transparency.
3. Make the Value of the Relationship Clear When Things Go Wrong. Of course you need to offer solutions and ideas to further provide for your client, but also remember that if the client sees the value in the relationship, even though they are paying money and so their expectations are raised, they are less likely to end the relationship.
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