Prevent Burnout and Improve Focus

Happy and energetic employees are the key to business growth, and when they get tired or frustrated it will show up in the numbers.

Marissa Mayer used to work 120+ hours per week when she started working at Google. This would usually lead to ill health and an unstable mind. However Marissa Mayer found that by keeping close attention to feelings of resentment, finding a rhythm, and granting one-must freedoms she could keep herself motivated, focused, and replenish her energy.

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If you find yourself or your employees resenting your job or responsibilities, a new study from the Information School at the University of Washington has shown that meditation can improve both focus, attention span, and lowers stress significantly in the workplace. For details on the results and findings of this study click here

Of course praising your employees is always good too, below are some good suggestions.

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