Guests enjoy TE/EA Joint Networking Event

Members of the Tokyo Executives and the Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo gathered for the joint networking event, held at the Ginza Hub on October 2.
The evening gave over 30 guests from both groups the opportunity to network outside their usual networking community, and to catch up with old friends after the summer break. Guests were provided with a delicious wine tasting!
Working with our host sponsor Ginza Hub for the first time was a delight, and we hope to work together again.
Tokyo Executives would like to thank everyone who attended and we hope to see you all again at our next event – further details will be posted soon!
For more information on future events organised by Tokyo Executives, please visit our Events page!

Self-Awareness Will Save You

Self-Awareness for the Entrepreneur is an over-looked and yet very critical part of running a small businesses. 

Karen E. Klein, who is also a VC and has experience dealing with Entrepreneurs said to have classic ADHD-like tendencies, draws a very good comparison in his post about self awareness;

They keep lighting fires, and everybody else chases them all day. The question is, can you get them in a controlled environment and get them to understand the damage they’re doing and maximize their success?…

…we give them a very high fence in that sandbox so they can’t jump out and hurt themselves. The VC will tell them if they don’t get focused they’ll be replaced. It shocks the hell out of them because no one’s ever told them that before.

One of the top reasons many entrepreneurs fail, according to Martin Zwilling, is that Entrepreneurs often fail to execute.  Again going back to being self-aware of yourself in your action plan and following through instead of keeping all of the hypothetical great results replaying in your head is critical!

One way to do this is to MAKE LISTS.  It has been shown that simply writing things down has.  Whether it be changing a light bulb or writing a proposal for your next big client, writing down lists is an incredibly effective way to get ideas through the planning stages and into reality!


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