FREE MEMBERSHIP: Connect with over 1000 senior level business professionals. Tokyo Executives has a free membership system targeting senior level business people based in Tokyo or actively involved in the Tokyo Business community. To preserve the original intention of the membership, we are are currently limiting to the following profiles:

President / CEO / Director

“C” Level Management

Business Owner or Entrepreneur

Manager Level (Managing 1 or more staff)

ATTENTION : Due to the high number of applicants specifically from the Financial and Investment Advisory Services as well as the Recruitment industries,  we are no longer accepting applications for membership from these industries.

In the interest of our membership, we are seeking a balance amongst various industries and specialties.

For inquiries if you do not match one of these profiles, we would like to speak with you regarding your background and interest, please contact us and one of our representatives will follow up:

Only approved members with a valid email and login will be able to view event details by logging in to the site.

Instructions for Signing Up to

1. Click “Sign Up”

2. Fill out the form – Click the send button.

3. You will receive an email in a few minutes, you must click the link in the body of that email to confirm a valid email address

(* If you do not receive an email in your regular mail box after a few minutes, please check your Spam folder/Junk Mail inbox to see if it went there instead)

4. Once you click the link, a notification will be sent to the TE website admin and a Tokyo Executives staff will approve your application and you will receive a final email confirming your application has been approved. (Please wait 1 business day to receive this confirmation)

5. You can then “Log In” – Please keep a record of your password and the email you used for sign up for future reference.

If you have difficulties :

Press Release:

“Tokyo Executives” and “Entrepreneurs Association of Tokyo” join forces to create Tokyo’s premier business networking group.

August 31, 2011 – Tokyo

Tokyo Executives LLC is very pleased to announce its recent acquisition of the Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo. “By bringing together two of Tokyo’s most respected international business membership groups, we plan to offer members an increasing variety of events and networking opportunities” said Tokyo Executives Director Robert Crane.

While Tokyo Executives and EA Tokyo will continue to operate as separate groups, the added scale and scope of the combined organization will benefit members of both groups.

Tokyo Executives founders Robert Crane and Curtis Mackenzie wish to thank EA Tokyo founders Dave Mori and Marc Beardsley for their tireless efforts to promote entrepreneurship in Tokyo for the last 7 years. “We hope to carry on and continue to grow EA Tokyo alongside Tokyo Executives. We are happy that Dave and Marc will continue to assist as advisors during the transition.”

Tokyo Executives LLC is the Premier Business Networking group for senior level decision makers in Tokyo. It is a members-only group consisting strictly of business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and senior level managers. We host a variety of networking and social events on a regular basis including business seminars and themed events throughout the year.

The Entrepreneur Association of Tokyo was founded to promote and support entrepreneurship in Japan. EA-Tokyo creates an ‘Entrepreneurial Environment’ in which members can learn from Japan’s top entrepreneurs, network with like-minded individuals, and develop their own business pursuits.