Innovations at Google Review

Tokyo Executives would like to thank everyone who attended our “Innovations at Google” event. Working with the BCCJ for the first time was a delight and we hope to work together again.

Masumi Reynder`s presentation was found to be both informative and entertaining, using video of Bill Nye the Science guy to illustrate her points, and referring to previous Google projects and ideas to explain how the many Google tools we use today are the way they are.

Self-Awareness Will Save You

Self-Awareness for the Entrepreneur is an over-looked and yet very critical part of running a small businesses. 

Karen E. Klein, who is also a VC and has experience dealing with Entrepreneurs said to have classic ADHD-like tendencies, draws a very good comparison in his post about self awareness;

They keep lighting fires, and everybody else chases them all day. The question is, can you get them in a controlled environment and get them to understand the damage they’re doing and maximize their success?…

…we give them a very high fence in that sandbox so they can’t jump out and hurt themselves. The VC will tell them if they don’t get focused they’ll be replaced. It shocks the hell out of them because no one’s ever told them that before.

One of the top reasons many entrepreneurs fail, according to Martin Zwilling, is that Entrepreneurs often fail to execute.  Again going back to being self-aware of yourself in your action plan and following through instead of keeping all of the hypothetical great results replaying in your head is critical!

One way to do this is to MAKE LISTS.  It has been shown that simply writing things down has.  Whether it be changing a light bulb or writing a proposal for your next big client, writing down lists is an incredibly effective way to get ideas through the planning stages and into reality!


Why Self-Awareness Is Crucial
Top Ten Reasons Why First-Time Entrepreneurs Fail

Finding IT Staff With Confidence

If you are running a business right now you are probably in need, or soon to be in need of some IT assistance. Whether it be software engineering, data management, administration, or security needs you will have to do some hunting to find the right IT Staff.

If you have the time, money and energy, one of the best ways to find such IT Staff as programmers, coders, or software engineers is to host a Hackathon. In order to host a hackathon, arrange a big party full of junk food, pizza, and heavily caffeinated beverages, then make sure your wifi and LAN networks are working. Now send out the invites and promote it through Social Networking Sites and pages. Make sure you announce what the goal of the Hackathon is, some can be targeted development while others are less focused. For more tips on how to put on a Hackathon click here

3 things to watch out for when hiring new IT Staff :

1. Bad Business Sense – Techies with a lot of in-depth knowledge sometimes lack the critical thinking/research skills necessary to make good choices and investments. As we all know, investing in the wrong technology or buying from the wrong vendor can cause significant losses in terms of money and opportunity.

2. Poor Social Skills
– IT people without soft skills can alienate their colleagues, souring them on everything to do with technology. Or they may get along with colleagues on a day-to-day basis, but lack the ability to communicate new ideas and build consensus around them.

3. No End User Sympathy
– Some tech geniuses out there don’t understand that the rest of us have limitations. These folks sometimes want to invest in complicated, powerful technology that their colleagues won’t understand. Or they’ll customize a piece of software to the point that no one else in the organization can use it or maintain it.

If you are hiring in Tokyo, it may be best to use a Recruiting Service to do this work for you. As long as your willing to pay a minimal fee, you can have someone else sift through all the applicants and find you somebody that is both a techy, but can also be a good fit for your office. Such companies as Vision Consulting provide this service for IT Staff in Tokyo.
Tips for Hiring IT Staff: Balancing Skills and Communication
Hackathon Hiring: How to Scout for Coders with Confidence

A Secret to Healthy Eating for Business Travelers

When traveling on business it is always very tempting to grab pastries, candy bars or other unhealthy choices from the fast food stands while in your rush to make sure you don`t miss your flight, train, or shuttle.

Dr. Cory Annis suggests that if you Set a Fun Active Goal and Rehearse Your Response, you can keep healthy even during your most lavish of business lunches and dinners.

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7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on LinkedIn

Linkedin is now rwoven into every professional`s working life, and it is becoming more important to understand exactly how to utilize it to further your career and/or help your business grow.

Such things as belonging to the right groups and providing your expertise and insight on Linkedin Answer could bring in clients, partners, and new job opportunities. Read the full article to see what Tom Searcy says are the seven things you are doing wrong on Linkedin.

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June 28th Event Speakers for “Tokyo Real Estate Insights”

The next Tokyo Executives event will be on Thursday, June 28th. It will be a Business Mixer with the theme; Tokyo Real Estate Insights.  The event will begin at 7:30pm and finish at 9:30pm.

There will be three guest speakers:


Nathan Cumberlidge
Nathan is a Chartered surveyor with over 10 years real estate experience working in England, Czech Republic, Vietnam and Tokyo. He is a qualified real estate valuer and a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). He currently works for the international real estate company Jones lang LaSalle who currently have approximately 40,000 employees in over 60 countries.

Nathan specialises in tenant representation and assist companies in accommodation reviews, acquisitions, relocations and renewals


Adam German

Adam German has been working in the Real Estate Industry in Tokyo for over 5 years, as Director of Operations at and currently is General Manager at Real Estate Japan.



Erik Oskamp

Erik Oskamp came to Japan in 2004.  He started buying investment apartments in 2005, and sold his first house within 18 months for a 60% profit.
He found that Japan lacked transparency so he built computer models to assist with statistical analysis and data mining.

He started Akasaka Real Estate, a licensed real estate brokerage specialized in investing in residential property in Tokyo in 2007, and is still running the company today.

SAP’s CIO: You’re Putting Your Executive Career at Risk if You’re Not Social

Having a social and transparent presence both on the web and in real life are becoming increasingly important for executive careers. As SAP`s CIO has demonstrated, being social through Social Media Sites and allowing yourself to be more transparent to clients and partners is becoming an important key to success.

For becoming more social on the web, SAP`s CIO Oliver Bussman recommends that you start by opening Twitter and Google+ accounts, since this is were most business oriented people are found.

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Tips 1-3: What is SEO? An introduction

1. What is SEO, and how Search Engines work
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines do not automatically recognize that your site. They must “index” your site first, which involves finding it and recording it in their archive. SEO techniques are aimed at letting search engines “know” your website is out there and what your site is “about”.

When someone uses a search engine, they enter a “keyword phrase”. The search engine then uses a complex algorithm to query their archive for webpages with this keyword phrase. The search engine presents these webpages on the “Search Engine Results Page” (SERP).
SEO is the process of creating your site so that the search engines can index it properly, and making your web site come up as high as possible on the SERPs for the keyword phrases you are targeting.
PLEASE NOTE: Google is still the primary search engine for most people – by far the largest and most efficient one as well. These articles use “Google” synonymously with “search engine”. The SEO techniques here will improve your site presence in Google and all other search engines.
2. HTML: Get to know it!
The most important concept to understand in SEO is to understand how Hyper-Text Markup Language ( works. HTML tags are the building blocks of your website. Web browsers use your site’s HTML to create the visual “web page” that you see when you access your website through the web browser.
IMPORTANT: For your website to be optimized for the search engines, your website content must use the appropriate HTML tags.
3. Learn how to view the source code of your website!
In order to know if the HTML of your website is optimized for the search engine you must know how to examine your web pages. The easiest way to do this is to “View Source”. This is a function built into all web browsers that lets you look at the raw HTML source code of any web page.
To view source in Google Chrome, right click on any page and select “view page source.”
For how to view source code in Internet Explorer 9 click here
For how to view source code in Firefox click here

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How to get lucky: Making serendipity work for your career

Good luck is always welcome, but is there a way to actually create good luck for your business?

Thori Miller explains how through simple practices like finding the people that matter, using surprise events, and solving problems based on unexpected sources you can make your own luck.

However, he also explains how it may require going against your natural instincts in order to do so…

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